Why Jappix?

Own your own data !

Host yourself a Jappix node !

Don’t put your data on someone else’s server, on which you don’t know what it would become. Jappix is completely free software so that you can Download code and host your data on your computer or where you want on trusted server. We actually want you to own what belongs to you !

Access to your data

Because Jappix is based on XMPP protocol, you can access to your data with the XMPP client you want. Just communicate with the person you want with Gajim, Psi or Pidgin, by connecting yourself with your Jappix ID !

Export your data coming soon!

Download your data on standard format that can be used on other places, with other softwares. Then, just upload it on an other Jappix node and stay connected with all of your friends !

A joint effort

Jappix is made by passionnate people who want to make the web better and improve communications. We need your help to make it better !