Jappix is plenty of incredible features. For the next releases, we want to improve all of these. On this page, you cas discover the future of all the Jappix features.

Jappix Desktop

Want to tell the world about your new ideas? Jappix has been made for you!

Just connect yourself to the world! Want to chat, to send public messages, or medias to your friends? Want to have a video chat with them, or rather a simple audio chat? Jappix Desktop is the solution we provide to you! Just access to your Jappix node and start sharing!

Screen capture of Jappix Desktop

Jappix Desktop is one of the smartest solution to communicate. In Jappix 1.0, we will bind it to Jappix Me, which will be free.

Jappix Mobile

You won’t loose any message. Never.

Most of us ain’t in front of a computer all the day, but we need to interract with our contacts. That’s why we provide you Jappix Mobile. Just connect yourself to your Jappix node through your mobile browser and chat!

Jappix Mobile

Jappix Mobile helps you to communicate, wherever you are. You just need an internet connexion, the rest is free!

Jappix Mini

Want to give the power to contact you clients, anytime?

If you have a commercial website, Jappix Mini is made for you! Just put a the Jappix Mini code on your web page and allow your clients to contact your teams.

Screen capture of Jappix Mini

Lots of communities, like groups at the CNRS, NATO or Amoureux.com, have used Jappix Mini so far. Why won’t you do it?

Install Jappix Mini