Jappix One is coming soon

Jappix One is coming alongside new year.

It has been a long time since we have not released anything (more than 5 months now!), the reason behind that is that we have been tremendously busy working on a bunch of other side projects: JSJaCJingle.js and Waaave.

Time for a new version! The very first Jappix stable release is coming, v1.0, also called Jappix One.

The major change

Our team will work on a complete code restructure (#356). The purpose of that is to make the code more robust, and overall more beautiful and maintainable. We will have a hard time moving from procedural-only code to an object-oriented design (both in JS and PHP sources).

The new features

One of the features people are excited about is Jingle. YES! Audio + Video chats are coming thanks to Valérian Saliou, Jappix founder, who spent 3 weeks of the summer developing a rock-solid, standards-compliant and extensible Jingle library (JSJaCJingle.js). Obviously open-source, to be included in Jappix! We'll bootstrap Jingle implementation in Jappix over 3 days, this should be ready by the end of the week.

Less important feature, but still asked by some people is the support of OTR (Off The Record) for chats. This will enable users to chat over an end-to-end encrypted session. Thus, disabling the server administrator ability of reading messages that pass through his system.

In order to enable you to keep in sync with the messages being exchanged on other clients, while having an active Jappix session opened, we decided to add support for Message Carbons (XEP-0280).

Finally, Timothée Jaussoin from Movim suggested us the idea that we could implement the brand new vCard4 protocol extension. Expect to see an hybrid vcard-temp (old, legacy) + vCard4 (new, privacy-aware) support in Jappix.

The usual bugfixes

As always, this new Jappix version will bring a bunch of bugfixes and minor performance improvements.

Get more details about this on GitHub: Jappix v1.0 issues on GitHub

Some notes about our collaboration with Movim

Jappix is collaborating heavily with Movim to make both our networks interoperable.

We will ensure that Jingle and vCard4 support is implemented in a way that does not break compatibility between Jappix and Movim.

We are working hard altogether for the same goal which is to provide you the best open social experience possible. Because we believe the world deserves that.